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Student scientific-research works

Organization of student scientific - research works of Azerbaijan Academy of Labour and Social Relations are carried out according to the requirements of Charter “About organization of students` scientific-research works in higher education institutions” dated 27.06.2014 approved by order №752 of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic. 22 works of 25 student scientific-research works determined for 2015 have been fulfilled highly and its results have listened in the Student Scientific Conference. All works carried out have been published.

For 2016, 47 scientific-research works on 12 themes on 1 problem of (Social-economic problems of the development of Labour relations) have been determined for the students. Most of these works cover economic and social spheres. Students who fulfills scientific-research works have been appointed a head according to the themes. Students fulfill scientific-research works under the control of heads, chairs and Student Scientific Society.


The results of 2015

The best Student scientific-research work I” – Aysel Qaniyeva

Theme: “The market of oil products” (School of “Finance”)

The best Student scientific-research work II” – Parvin Ahmadli

Theme: “Economic crisis and its regulation methods” (School of “Finance”)

The best Student scientific-research work III” – Agami Rahimov

Theme: “Formation and development of innovation system in Azerbaijan in modern conditions” (School of “Economics”)